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Allison Clapp Scholarship Fund Donation

Posted over 2 years ago by Cindy Luke

Hello All!

It looks like we need to make a decision about sending in a donation to the Allison Clapp Scholarship Fund ASAP if we want our organization name on the T-shirts as a sponser.  Remember, Allison was one of our own.  She was an NP, and had just been accepted into 2 doctoral programs prior to her death.  She was passionate about nursing and nursing students.  Last year we gave $500, and we have those funds available--I just need a majority vote from enough constituants to represent an average monthly meeting. 

You all did SO marvelously on the Survey Monkey, that I'm trying it again.  It's just a simple yes, or no.   Here's the link:

We are still waiting for venue details on our next meeting--March 23rd.  See you there--tell all your NP buddies in Gwinnett/Forsyth to come join us!!

Cindy Luke