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July 4th message: Veterans Deserve Care!

Posted over 2 years ago by Amy Warner

Happy 4th of July weekend! As we celebrate our nation's independence, let's push too for NP independence!
See website
This is a new website initiated by AANP- the comment period is not over yet!
We need our organizations on board for VA NPs Rule Comment period ..please share widely – Sign on as individual member –even if you have signed the petition already.  Also, send to practice owners to sign as an organization. Please share with your state NP organizations and all NP leadership and all you know that have businesses and organizations to support the VA NPs.

Amy Warner, DNP, FNP-C


Amy Warner over 2 years ago

Like me, you may not work in the VA system, but likely you have friends and/or relatives who do. My father in law is a veteran and the time it takes him to get an appointment is very lengthy. Please consider this initiative for independent practice of NPs in our nation's VA system!
Please consider sending a letter on AANP advocacy website or the Federal Register. Its getting down to the wire. July 25th ends the comment period. A colleague Gail Sadler has put her IPad up in her waiting room for patients to sign up on AANP website. Friends, Family and patients -ask them all to write today. Be creative, the more letters the better, the canned letters are not best-but all count! Write a simple note... make itpersonal!! Thank you, Amy

Nurse practitioners
July 11, 2016
Veterans are waiting too long for healthcare; and many wait as long as three to six
months for care.
The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs’ recently proposed a regulation that would
authorize advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), which includes 4,800 nurse
practitioners in the VA system, to practice autonomously without direct physician
Nurse practitioners have been providing safe and effective care to patients, including
veterans, for more than 50 years. Veterans need access to quality care. Giving nurse
practitioners the capacity to practice without physician oversight will reduce wait times,
save lives and enhance quality care.
I would urge our veterans, healthcare, and senior organizations to contact both the VA
and their member of Congress to voice their support for this critical regulation.

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