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UAPRN Secretary Position

Posted over 2 years ago by Cindy Luke

As those who attended the last several meetings know, Amy Warner, our acting secretary, has been elected as our AANP Georgia State Representative.  She will be very busy with her new position and is moving forward.  This leaves our current position for secretary open.  Two of our group, Regina Foote and Natalie Romero, have graciously agreed to run for the position.  The one with the most votes will step in immediately as acting secretary, fullfilling the rest of Amy's term, the second will act as a co-secretary-learning the job so that when the time period ends on Amy's original term-- she is prepared to be the overlap.  The state has asked us to stagger our positions so that their are always people who are familiar with the organization. At my request, Regina and Natalie have written short bios about themselves and I have included a picture of each. At the end of the bios, click on the link to go to the Survey Monkey. You will have the opportunity to vote for one of them.  Thank you all for your participation. This will only be sent to active members.

Cindy Luke, UAPRN President

REGINA FOOTE: I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 4 years practicing in the Emergency Department. Recently, I have begun working in the inpatient setting with Trauma Services managing both trauma and surgical patients. This fall, I wil begin the Adult/Geri Acute Care Certification program at Emory to be dual certified. I often serve as a preceptor and mentor to NP students and encourage tthem to join professional organizations such as UAPRN, which isn't always discussed in the NP programs. I have been a member of UAPRN for 5 years, beginning as a student member. Previously, I have served on our chapters leadership team as the Membership Outreach Coordinator.

I believe that it is important to be involved in professional organizations. I would like to take that step further and serve as Secretary for the Gwinnett/Forsyth chapter of UAPRN. I am excited to see how much our chapter has grown and look forward to the continued growth in both our membership and active participation on local and state levels.

Regina Foote, NP-C Thank you,

NATALIE ROMERO: Hello! I'm Natalie Romero! I am a new graduate, currently studying for both Family and Adult Acute-Geronotological certifications. I have been a nurse for over 7 years and have worked in community medicine, and more recently ER. I have always been passionate about health care and helping the underserved. I joined UAPRN nearly 2 years ago because I wanted to: a. learn more as a student and b. become more involved with the current needs of our community.

My hope and vision in becoming more involved with UAPRN is to assist in bringing together current and future Nurse Practitioners, create a welcoming an supportive enviornment for the group, continue to remain vigilant on new standards of care and in turn as a TEAM, better the overall health of the community.

Thank you! Natalie B. Romero

2016 Gwinnett/Forsyth Vote For Secretary