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It's a Great Day to Activate Your Membership

Posted about 2 years ago by Cindy Luke

Our upcoming November UAPRN Meeting at Pampas Steakhouse is very popular!  Yeah!  We already have 38 signed up to attend and only 40 seats.  I perused our membership and noticed that 5 of us are NOT active members.  If this is the first time you have attended a UAPRN meeting this announcement IS NOT for you.  We are thrilled that you are reaching out and are confident you are going to love belonging to this group--come check us out!

If your membership has changed or lapsed or you just haven't gotten around to joining, please consider becoming an active member today.  I purposefully opened it to all active and unactive members to give potential members a chance to check us out, but our active members deserve the seat at the table over those who choose not to join.  Please take this announcement in the spirit it was intended--I want you all at the table!

Thank you!

Cindy Luke

Past President