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School Supplies for the Children at Partnership Against Domestic Violence Shelter

Posted over 1 year ago by Regina Canty

Hi All,

Our family at the Partnership Against Domestic Violence really appreciate all the help that we have donated to the families that live in the Shelter. 

It is school time.  There are over 60 to 70 children that live in the 2 shelters.  It would be so appreciated if we could help with school supplies.   They are having a "Back to School Bash" this weekend 7/29/2017. The goal is to try to give supplies for at least 60 to 70 children that are going to school.  They have back packs. What they need is gift cards for Pay Less Shoes or Walmart gift cards to help buy clothes. It can be in increaments of $10 to $25.  They are also asking for snacks such as (chips, fruit snacks, crackers, juice etc.  This would provide afterschool snacks for the children.

I know this is short notice, but let's get these kids ready for school.  Please e-mail me at by Friday if you're interested in giving a donation. I will meet you at a mutual location to pick up the donation.    I will get you a receipt for your tax write off.

Back to School for the Children!!