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You Can't Afford To Miss This.... Are You Dedicated To Improving Health Care In Georgia?

Posted over 1 year ago by Dana Hickman

Sign up NOW for the 2nd Annual UAPRN Statewide Conference!  Wonderful CME sessions..... Meet your representatives, legislators and up and coming candidates....Network with APRN's from across the state.... Find your place in UAPRN... and secure your preceptors, mentors and professional leaders that will take your career to the next level!!!! By The Way... Shopping at the Americas Mart and the amazing silent auction by the PAC.  THIS IS YOUR CONFERENCE GEORGIA APRN'S----make it happen now!

For more info... you can call me personally... Dana HIckman, MSN, FNP-C


PS Reach out to me if you want to offer your practice administrator the ability to advertise for APRN positions at a discount by paying your way to the conference :-)