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Our Preceptor Problem

Posted almost 5 years ago by Julie Hannah

We are all aware of how difficult it is for nurse practitioner students to find preceptors these days.  I have contacted the State UAPRN President about this, and he has suggested we form a Special Interest Group composed of UAPRN members from various Chapters as well as State leaders to address the causes of and possible solutions to this problem.  There are two ways you can help me with this: 1) If you are a student or recent student, email me about the specific nature of the problems you encountered, and 2) if you are a practicing NP and you are NOT precepting students please tell me why (break the apathetic silence, people), and if you are precepting students, tell me what problems you are facing.  We can only solve this problem if we communicate and work together.  If you want to join the Special Interest Group, email me a with your name, email address, and qualifications.  Training the next generation is our professional responsibility.  Let us lose the stigma of being the profession that eats its young!

Julie Hannah, FNP-C


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