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What's our tag line?

Posted over 4 years ago by Dana Hickman

The Gwinnett Forsyth Chapter conducted a survey at our last meeting on what promotional items the membership might be interested in purchasing to help raise money for the NP Gala and more importantly- market our vital role & contribution to the residents of Georgia.  Results:

1.  Monogrammed Polar Fleece

2.  Logo/message umbrella

3.  Logo/message waterbottle

4.  Tervis Tumbler- logo/message

5.  Coffee Mug/Travel Mug-logo/message 

6.  Magnetic Car Decal

Write in's:  Car Tag Frame; Bumper sticker, Ink Pens

We need your help with a tag line vs using the UAPRN logo.  To meet the needs of our total membership- we could use 2 imprints.... UAPRN... and include items for purchase that would say...."Ask your Nurse Practitioner"... "Nurse Practitioner.. Your Partner in Health."   Please provide input as to what you would like to see imprinted or monogramed on the items.  RSVP to me either via the website or my email:

Thanks for the great turnout on a rainy Monday!!!!!