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Coalition for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Conference Call

Posted over 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

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Legislative update:
  1. Day 39/40- House rules committee sets calendar; Last few days- if legislature makes it through one chamber- the bills may be attached to other legislature that is moving- so anything can happen.

  2. Laura Searcy would love to have anyone join her up until the final gavel strikes at midnight on Thursday April 2nd 2015.

  3. Good News: GA Rural House Stabilization Committee- recommendations to the Governor that expansion of scope of practice for NP's/PA's would help improve access to care in rural areas.  Recognition that barriers to practice play a part in improving care for GA residents.

  4. SB1: Insurance Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder- passed house; did not go forward as there is low likelihood of passing any new insurance mandates; cost burden on local business owners.

  5. SB8: Safe Haror for Sexually Exploited Children: Passed

  6. SB114: APRN; # registered under delegating physician-passed Senate; in house rules committee; needs day 40 to pass; primarily affects NP in hospital licensed Title 31; college/university; Dept of Public Health; County Board of Health; Free Health Clinic; Birthing center; Section 501(c)- indigent; school nurse program.

  7. SB115: PA schedule II amendment; Failed- barely out of Senate Health & Human Services- not moved forward.  Recommend all APRN register/request Prescription Drug Monitoring Program- associated with your own DEA- to downplay the concern that NP's are high prescribers.

  8. HB212: Pharmacy code modification to have NP name on Rx bottle.  By 7/1/15- you should see your name on the prescription bottle- instead of your supervising MD.  Please let Laura Searcy know if this is not happening.

  9. HB342: School Nurses can provide albuterol inhaler and nebulizer.

Please refer to the CAPRN website/facebook link or for more info.