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Other Healthcare Legislation that passed

Posted over 3 years ago by Julie Hannah

These do not affect APRN practice as directly, but you should know about them:

Senate Bills
 that passed:

SB 1 (Bethel-54th) mandated limited insurance coverage for some autism services for children under the age of 7, was attached in compromised form to HB 429 prohibiting insurer denial of treatment when a person's condition is terminal

SB 8 and SR 7 (Unterman-45, Butler-55) concerning sexual trafficking gives safe harbor to children (i.e., if you are a minor you will not be prosecuted for prostitution, which kept many exploited children from seeking help). 

SB 109 (Orrock-36, Unterman-45) Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST). Provides alternate terminology for "do not resuscitate" orders. A POLST may be executed when death is expected within the next 365 days. Advanced directives now indicate a patients wishes, but they do not have the weight of a formal order...this law allows advanced directives to be honored anywhere (hospice, home, etc.), by any level of medical personnel, including emergency responders. (Awaiting Governor's Signature)

SB 126 (Hufstetler-52, Orrock-36) Authorizes physicians, PAs and APRNs to "prescribe auto-injectable epinephrine in the name of an authorized entity" where entity means any organization such as a school, recreation camps, colleges and universities, day care facilities, youth sports leagues, amusement parks, restaurants, places of employment, and sports arenas.

House Bills

HB 1 (Peake-141st) Haleigh's Hope Act related to the provision of low THC derivatives of medical cannabis for treatment of certain registered patients with certain limited diagnoses. Awaiting Governor's Signature

HB 110 (Roberts-155) provide for sale of consumer fireworks. Awaiting Governor's Signature

HB 198 (Dempsey-13th) Provides for annual suicide prevention education for certified school system personnel. Awaiting Governor's Signature

HB 436 (Clark-101, Cooper-43) requires that physicians and health care providers offer HIV and syphilis testing of pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy.  This is intended to catch any mothers who were not screened earlier in their pregnancies.  (Awaiting Governor's Signature)

HB 504 (Cooper-43, Broadrick-4) requires college students residing in campus sponsored housing to have had meningococcal vaccine within 5 years of admission. It was amended to extend the current flu vaccine protocol that allows pharmacists or nurses to give the vaccine without a doctor's order, to now also include pneumococcal, shingles and meningitis vaccine for individuals over the age of 15. Lots of conditions and continuing education requirements attached. (Awaiting Governor's Signature)