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Posted over 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

Wow!  What a great night for UAPRN.  We had a wonderful program on asthma and COPD- and were extremely motivated by our physician speaker- Dr. LeRoy Graham.  For those of you unable to attend, Dr. Graham is opening a Community clinic that will be off of Jimmy Carter Blvd in Gwinnett County. He has partnered with various groups in the community to start a non-profit community clinic that will be staffed by NP's, PA's, MD's and specialist.  I believe the target date for opening in in October.  He will be seeking NP volunteers as well as hiring NP's to help staff the clinic.  Please send him an email if you are interested in learning about opportunities to serve in this community clinic, help with fundraising- and/or are interested in a position. 

LeRoy M. Graham, MD, FCCP