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July 16th Meeting on GA Board of Nursing Consensus Statement

Posted over 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

What a passionate group of Nurse Practitioners at tonights meeting!  After a wonderful presentation by Cheryl Williams, CDE sponsored by Sanofi, we had a very dynamic dialogue about important changes that will impact practice opportunities for APRN's.  We are very greatful to Dr. Kate Moore and Dr. Jennifer Adamski for informing our chapter of the GA Board of Nursings decision to take the next steps in "aligning certification to practice.". I know I personally learned a lot about how we got to where we are- and what the next steps are predicted to be.  Knowledge is power- and although we all have insecurities and fears about the forthcoming changes- we can now be better prepared.  The emotional aspect of how it will affect me as a Family Nurse Practitioner in an acute care position- or the fate of the next generation of Nurse Practitioner leaders who opted for the FNP track cannot be minimized.  I hope that tonights meeting allowed everyone to express their feelings and get their questions answered in the amount of time we had together. 

Julie will be posting the GA Board Website link to "page 39" which addresses the FNP practice alignment with the consensus statement.  She will also post the e-mail addresses for Dr. Moore and Dr. Adamski.  They have offered to answer any additional questions that come up- and can help with dialogue at the facility level. Let us as a collective body of Nurse Practitioners lean into the upcoming months with an open mind.  Is it possible that this step might move Georgia closer to full practice authority?  Can we put aside our "personal story" of how this impacts us directly- and be the nurse leaders that are open to the vision for our profession going forward?  If you are a new graduate or current student- have faith that we can work through this.  If I can offer any assistance, or simply be a listening ear- please reach out!

Thanks for being involved and passionate about our profession!

Dana Hickman, MSN, FNP-C