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The role of CAPRN in Georgia

Posted about 3 years ago by Julie Hannah

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Thanks to Takeda for hosting a great meeting tonight.  If you did not attend, we announced that the Atlanta Chapter of UAPRN, which has 143 active members, will dissolve this January since no one is stepping forward to take up the leadership roles.  It is sad that we have lost the Chapter that represents our capital city, and most populous county in the State.

We also discussed funding of CAPRN and a new full-time legislative lobbyist to replace Laura Searcy, who has done so much for us.  Our attendees voted that they do not want to contribute to the lobbyist's salary if our Chapter is one of only a few groups doing so, and a challenge needs to be put forth to other APRN organizations in Georgia to match our suggested $2,000 donation.  More to come on this.  I have attached information about the role of CAPRN in Georgia, their legislative agenda, and what they have accomplished since forming in 2006.  Read over it and decide for yourself.

We listed the bios of the seven people who have volunteered for election to our Chapter leadership positions, and Dana will be posting information for voting on them soon.  Thanks to everyone who is willing to help our Chapter succeed!  Lastly, we presented a plaque to Dana Hickman to thank her for her two years of service as our President.  We are very sad to lose her, but understand her need to attend to family.  Details on our September meeting will be posted soon.  Hope to see more of you then!

Julie Hannah, FNP-C


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