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Introduction of New Chapter Leadership Team!

Posted over 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

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The Gwinnett Forsyth Chapter of UAPRN is so appreciative of our members for their ongoing support of the continued growth of our chapter!  We are now at 121 members!  Tonight I was presented with a wonderful plaque for my service as president for the past two years.  I am grateful for the wonderful leadership team that carried the chapter to this point!  So special thanks to:

Karen Schwartz, Kristy Bagwell, Jennifer Siddle, Angela Bolger... and many other officers before them.  I am expecially thankful for Dr. James Lawerence for extending his advice and guidance in growing the chapter.

I am excited to announce that 7 members have offered to serve for the 2016-2018 leadership team.  Julie Hannah will be our Chapter President- and will have the opportunity to partner with some amazing leaders in our field.  The bios of our officers are posted to this announcement.  Julie will help design her leadership team from this wonderful group of Nurse Practitioners.  We will need to as a chapter, vote on the new officers- but I want to allow Julie some time to best configure our new team.  Please welcome the following officers who will take our chapter to the next level for 2016:

Julie Hannah, MSN, FNP-C; Lillian Kripalani, MSN, FNP-C; Regina Foote, MSN, FNP-C; Cindy Luke, MSN, FNP-C; Mercy Manga, DNP; Mirel Schmidt, MSN, FNP-C and Amy Warner, DNP.

I want to personally thank those who worked diligentialy the past two years:

Beth Simone, Julie Hannah, Amy Warner and Regina Foote- and our website go to guy:  Dan Cohen!

It has been an honor to be a part of such a great chapter- and I look forward to staying actively involved as we continue our growth and impact on the health care outcomes in our communities!




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