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Officers for 2016 update

Posted about 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

UAPRN State Officers have requested that we consider:

1.  Amend our bylaws to stagger the elections so that our leadership has new and returning officers- instead of all positions turning over every two years.

2.  Postpone leadership changes until January of 2016- to be in alignment with how the state and other chapters operate.

This year, we do not actually need to host an election. based on the UAPRN board recommendations- and that Julie was the solo candidate willing to be president & Mercy- willing to serve as VP.  I will remain as president until December 2016.  Below are my recommendations for our leadership team for 2016-2018.  We can discuss at the meeting tomorrow night.

President:           Julie Hannah (term til 2018)

Vice President:     Mercy Manga (term til 2018)

Secretary:            Amy Warner (term til 2017)

Treasurer:           Beth Simone (term til 2017)

Additions to the leadership team for 2016:

Cindy Luke           Community Service/Outreach Projects Chair

Lillian Kripalani      Patient & Practice Engagement Chair

Mirel Schmidt        Co-Treasurer (to serve with Beth til Transition 2017)

Dene Bellamy        Legislative Liasion Chair

Regina Foote         Membership Growth & Incentives Chair

We, as a collective voice- as so appreciative of those who are willing to serve and grow our chapter even more!

See you Wednesday night at Aqua Terra!