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New Board of Nursing License Renewal Requirement

Posted about 3 years ago by Dr. Mercy Manga

CE Requirements for RNs:
Effective January 31, 2016, all registered nurses will be required to complete continuing education competency requirements as a condition of licensure renewal. Georgia law provides five options from which licensees may choose in order to satisfy the continuing competency requirements. Licensees who renew in January 2016 must satisfy one of the options between February 1, 2014 and January 31, 2016. 

The Georgia Board of Nursing uses CE Broker to track and verify compliance with continuing competency requirements. Please visit CE Broker's website at

create your free account and follow the instructions to submit documentation of one of the required continuing competency options. Remember, do not forward your CE documentation to the Board. All documentation should be sent to CE Broker. The Board will now review your records in CE Broker electronically when conducting renewal audits.

The Georgia Board of Nursing is partnering with healthcare providers and nursing education programs to develop strategies for building the capacity needed to meet the workforce needs of the future. Please take a few minutes to answer questions which will allow the Board of Nursing to accurately capture, quantify, and analyze our current nursing workforce demographics.

Advanced Practice Nurses - If you are selected for continuing education audit, ask the national certifying organization to submit verification of certification to Please do not submit continuing education documents unless you are selected for audit.

Submit your renewal online in minutes- just follow these quick and easy steps:
Visit the Georgia Online Licensing site at:

Mercy Manga DNP. WHNP-BC 


Joanne Wintersgill almost 3 years ago

Time saving hint
When I logged on to CE broker I put my national certification in first. It said I did not need to log all of my CE because I met the criteria with just my certification. You may save time too if you use your certification first.

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