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Preceptor Situation Concerns

Posted about 3 years ago by Dana Hickman

Amazing chapter meeting tonight! However- with about 40 NP's present- I was disappointed that one of our NP students had to pay $2900 to get a physician preceptor for a semester. This situation has to be addressed.  I am the NP that I am today- because another NP took me under their wing as a student in 1986.  Each of us are where we are today- because of the men and women who went before us.  Please tell me that our profession hasn't gotten to the point that we only grow our colleagues through financial gain.

I hope that in 2016 we can host a meeting with the University leaders- some of whom are members- and draft a solution to this problem.  If we are "all in" as a profession- then our passion should focus on sustainability.  I may not be here to witness GA having autonomous practice- but I want to see us more dedicated to our future leaders.

Please post comments to help guide the leadership team!